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Monday, December 5, 2016

My Seat

This is were I spend most of my time everyday..
Though the work is tedious, I will squeeze few seconds to relax my eyes by seeing these colours a little away from the desktop. Those flowers were given by my brother :)  Normally I will carry flowers from home, which blooms in our roof top ;) But most of the flowers are from my Pappa, my sweet Darling 63 year old, my patti.  Once I told her that I have Baba and Pillayar idol at my office and every time I visit her, she gives me flowers for the idol. Do you think she gives it for the idol? Naaahhh..

Why everyone likes my place:

Fragrance is awesome.
Colours are pleasant to eyes.
Blooms relaxes mind.
It feels good.

Some colleagues visit my place, just to check on the type of the flower, I am displaying..My colleagues are inspired and are bringing flowers adding to the already existing colour and fragrance.

Do you see the Money plant peeking at the left? It is 4 yr old and still smiles at me everyday. I could still remember the day I took it to office.  My whole team came to see my plant. Most of them wanted for them too.  So i gave them the plants along with the jar of water. Yes we grow them in water pots. It is said (myth) that this plant has to be stolen and has to be raised like a kid. I used to talk with my plant everyday.  I also advice it to my fellow colleagues.  It works as a vent when I am in pressured situation. While I go to my colleagues place, I will definitely check whether the pot is with water.

The best part of having a money plant is, we don't have to water the plant everyday. A single pot of water lasts for a month providing free oxygen for us in our bay.  Nice isn't it?

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