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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Today is full of possiblity

My Monster Mowgli and Naughty Nemo are doing good.  mm doing his 6th STD and nm in his 3rd STD.  Have put both of them in Tution, Music and Swimming classes.. Both are doing good in Swimming, Tution.. But they do not have THAT interest in Music. I am saying this because they skip lot of classes :(  ie whenever I do not remind them that they have their classes.. Previously Nemo was taking Guitar classes but I had to push him hard even to attend the class and he often complained that it hurts in the finger.  So shifted to Keyboard classes for him. I am trying to buy them a Keyboard.  Lets see.. Both of them are weak in Tamil (our mother tongue) Our friends/relatives just suggest us to take alternative language so that it is easy for them.  BUT I WANT THEM TO LEARN OUR LANGUAGE.. I am trying to find a home tutor to teach them Tamil.. Lets see how it goes..

For me, at work I had asked for a change in role and got in to an extended TM support role. So vigorous training is going on for us. The team is going live only during July 1st week.  So enjoying workless days for the past 1 month.

On Personal front, I have put on lot of weight so trying to get in to a routine to shed those excess weight. At present I am 65 KG.  mm has also put on some weight. I have to accommodate him too in my weight loss program. Will update on the routine and weight loss in my next blog..  Lets see.. And SIL has come to India with her son and daughter. And my kids are eager to visit them.. nm and SIL's son are getting along well(Same age group).. And my poor mm is left alone :( without anyone to give him company similar in his age.. My MIL has developed some spinal dislocation and is on traction.  Other than that, everything is going good and expecting the same in the future too..

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