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Monday, December 5, 2016

My Seat

This is were I spend most of my time everyday..
Though the work is tedious, I will squeeze few seconds to relax my eyes by seeing these colours a little away from the desktop. Those flowers were given by my brother :)  Normally I will carry flowers from home, which blooms in our roof top ;) But most of the flowers are from my Pappa, my sweet Darling 63 year old, my patti.  Once I told her that I have Baba and Pillayar idol at my office and every time I visit her, she gives me flowers for the idol. Do you think she gives it for the idol? Naaahhh..

Why everyone likes my place:

Fragrance is awesome.
Colours are pleasant to eyes.
Blooms relaxes mind.
It feels good.

Some colleagues visit my place, just to check on the type of the flower, I am displaying..My colleagues are inspired and are bringing flowers adding to the already existing colour and fragrance.

Do you see the Money plant peeking at the left? It is 4 yr old and still smiles at me everyday. I could still remember the day I took it to office.  My whole team came to see my plant. Most of them wanted for them too.  So i gave them the plants along with the jar of water. Yes we grow them in water pots. It is said (myth) that this plant has to be stolen and has to be raised like a kid. I used to talk with my plant everyday.  I also advice it to my fellow colleagues.  It works as a vent when I am in pressured situation. While I go to my colleagues place, I will definitely check whether the pot is with water.

The best part of having a money plant is, we don't have to water the plant everyday. A single pot of water lasts for a month providing free oxygen for us in our bay.  Nice isn't it?

Monday, September 5, 2016

Just Another day in my life, but when I talk about my boys, it is a special day...

Time flew very fast.  My mighty Mowgli is in 5th Standard and my naughty Nemo is in 2nd Standard.  God bless them. Have put both of them in a tuition as I am reaching home very late now-a-days.  I personally do not like to put the kids in tuition. But without me at home, my kids spend most of their time in TV/Mobile and other games ruining their eyes and mood. Last month my Sissy found a good teacher and both my boys are going there to learn their portions after school.  Other than that Mowgli is taking Piano lessons while Nemo is busy with his Guitar classes.  Life definitely is very sweet with my boys.

Bro is getting married.

Today early morning 4 AM, I was sleeping and my mobile rang.  It was my brother. He walked out few months ago from our house. He was calling me to open the door. I told him to call my mom as I was in my in-laws place. how could I sleep after that call???  He is in love with a girl and is getting married today. He is trying very hard to invite us all to his wedding.. But my mom and dad are so stubborn that they don't even want us to attend the marriage. They are still living in their ages. All I could do was to bless him whole heartedly.  My FIL and MIL attended his marriage and showed me few pics from his marriage. Hope everything goes well for him in the coming days.

Video chat with SIL:
Today being Vinayaga Chathurthi, we went to my in-laws  place a day before and spent the whole day there.  After a very long time, did a video chat with my Sister-in-law in California.  She was so excited to see my Mowgli and Nemo tall and all grown.. She asked Mowgli to stand near me and my MIL to check on his height. Mowgli was too eager to talk with her and was blabbering whatever was coming in his mouth.  Mostly he was showing all his teeth to her and her little ones.  She has a boy (an year younger to Nemo) and a gal an year old(Angel she is..). She was saying that she will visit India next year.   The Video chat went on nicely.

Hectic life:
Coming to my official life, it is going very hectic. Have taken reports as a career change.  My god, we are being squeezed to the core. I have taken a day off tmr to attend my personal chores. When I go on Wednesday, I will be bombarded with tasks.  Let me face them on Wednesday ;)...

Will come back soon..


Sunday, November 8, 2015


We at our family, celebrate a day called family day and we celebrated this at Thiruchendoor. We had booked a small resort.  I went there with both my kids/my in-laws. My Mom/Dad was not there with me.

They had a small pool where my kids wanted to play.  It was a 5.5 feet tall pool and I was supporting my kids to play in the water. At one point of time, nm fell on me with full force while mm tried to come to me. The force pushed me to the center of the pool with nm while mm was left in the water without anyone to help. At that point of time, I realized nobody is there for me though I got a huge family. Everyone was taking care of their kids/ doing some or other works.  If my mom/dad were there, things would have been different. With much difficulty i reached to mm and at that time he had drank a lot of water and started to cry. It was all in the game.  If I had known swimming, I could have handled the situation in a better way. On that day I came to know how it is important to learn swimming and decided to learn it before End of this year. 52 days to go to bid bye to 2015. I should learn swiming before that. Lets see.


Friday, April 10, 2015

PS, I Love you - The Novel

PS, I Love you was the first novel I read. Yes, I started very late. While I was in Germany, I was free most of the time. I will cook, clean home and after that I will just chat with my friend S who was working in India.  She too will log out by 2 pm.  After that I was on my own. I was just married then without kids. I will go for a long walk.  However long the walk is, I will return by 3.

I read, but I am not a novel person and only like short stories.  But one of our friend M gifted me few novel and he also commented that I will like them. So thus started my Novel days in Germany. The one attracted me first was PS, I love you.  The story was emotional and was so touching anf it talks about love and loss. Basically, it was my kind of novel. I was so involved in the story that in spite of all my fights with MM, I held him very close to me. It talks about Holly and Gerry, loss of Gerry and after effects for Holly. It sure is a nice novel and worth reading. And quote Cecelia left, 'Shoot for the moon, even if you fail, you will land among the stars' sure deserves my credits.

I will not say, that this is a review but this is my blog .  I wanted to write and am writing. ;)haha..

Friday, March 7, 2014


I was a TEA Lover.  Now-a-days I am becoming a Tea-holic too.
For me tea goes with mostly everything.  I drink my tea with Biscuit, Muruku, Thatai, Chips,  Friends, Colleagues, Kids, Book, Computer, TV, even with my In-laws..

When can I drink tea? Any time, I drink tea while I get up, while jogging, while my kids play, while traveling, while working. To put it together I drink tea all the time.

I used to drink 6 cups of black tea a day at my seat while I work(at home count is not added).  My TL got so irritated(Whenever she peeks into my seat, I will be sipping tea) She made a rule that no one should have tea at their seat.  And all my colleagues cursed me(you know why) Boys used to tease me saying that I am drinking phenyle/Saraku (black tea) as it supplied free of cost at my office. Thank god, my colleagues does not know about my Turkish tea consumption. While I was in Germany, along with MM and other Friends used to drink Turkish tea continuously for 3 - 4 hrs. (at least 15- 20 cups of tea) Those were blissful days :-)

Once one of my colleague fainted/about to fall due to dehydration and my tea was used as a hydrating tool(Water was not around).  But poor gal, puked and went so furious. She asked me, how I am drinking that black liquid.  I was thinking that she wasted my precious tea. :P

How to make my Tea?
Hot water + Tea bag + a few grains of sugar or without sugar  --> As simple as this.

You can add any other accessories if you really want them.

I have listed some Special teas prepared by my loved ones.

My mom prepares Milk tea with lots and lots of Ginger. I longed for this tea, while I was in Germany/US. Now I am so privileged to drink my mom's tea daily.

My Sister make lite tea with milk. Less Spicy but with lots of love.

My mother-in-law prepares strong herbal tea (with milk) especially for me.

MM once made me tea with Inji mittai can't get such a tea again.. :( We were out of ginger that day)

My close friend A made me green tea at her Patio, I still remember the taste though it was 3 yrs ago. 

One day the boy who supplies tea asked me, why do you drink that dirty colored water? Ooops You too.. I drink tea because it is so healthy and the main reason is I like drinking it. Do we need any other reasons?

Friday, January 31, 2014

My Crispy Apples - Mowgli and Nemo!

My babies are growing so soon that my Mowgli is studying IInd std and my Nemo LKG. Both of them are talking so well and most of the time I am left without answers for their question.
Both my babies call my mom as mamai.
Yesterday My Nemo was talking with my mom
Mamai, I was siting in an apple and my mom mistakenly ate me up and I started to grow in her tummy and one day I became so big that doctor cut her stomach and took me out.  Later the doctor pasted her back and she could walk. LOL...
Today, My mom was asking me to accompany her to a distant relative's house and I was saying that they are bad guys and I do not want to visit them. My Mowglie overheard this it seems.  When we started to their house, my Mowgli asked
Mamai, Are we going to visit Bad guy's house? OMG what if he asks this at their home. Only God can save me.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Thank you!

Thank you for all the beautiful souls who helped me all through my deadly times, wiped my tears, held my hands, supported my mind and cleared my way. Special thanks to my dear friends who cooked, cleaned, cared and lit a fire in me to live. I was shouting, crying, blabbering, hitting myself and doing all kind of weird things one can do during a traggic situation. I do not know how my friends would have felt keeping me at their house, feeding me/kids.. My god.. They should be angels..Without you all, I would have been there, but not as I am now.

Thank you, my dear friends!!! You all hold a special place in my heart.

Its been more than 2 years now. I still feel the land shaking underneath me. The only thing which was in my mind was, why to me? One cannot escape his Destiny? Only God knows... Lets see.